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5 minute speed dating of tucson

While all the mod-cons are present, the Nissan switchgear is beginning to date and can look low-rent compared with some of the more modern offerings from the likes of Kia and Hyundai.

Specifically, the menu buttons on top of the instrument binnacle that control the monochrome display between the dials aren’t a highlight of modern ergonomics.

The same can be said for the 8-inch media interface.

The chunky embossed buttons looking more like a mid-90’s university C project than a modern infotainment system - a reminder that although we first saw the Y62 in 2013, it was launched to other markets back in 2010, so is approaching its seventh birthday.

The first Patrols landed here in 1960 but it really became a permanent part of the Australian landscape when the third-generation MQ Patrol arrived in the 1980s.

The big Nissan saw success build upon success through subsequent GQ and GU generations.

Assuming both cars annually cover 20,000km of mixed-cycle driving, the Nissan will use roughly 1000 litres more fuel each year.It’s an effortless engine both around town and when cruising, and can even hustle the big guy to 100km/h in under seven seconds. Power aside, the Y62 Patrol is no base-trim Dubai taxi.Even in entry-level Ti trim, there’s plenty of kit on board.The tailgate isn’t powered though, and can be a bit heavy, not to mention high up to reach for some owners.With curtain airbags covering all three rows, the Patrol is officially an eight-seater, offering three-across in the back-back row.

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